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Zara Carmichael

Zara turns heads wherever she goes, and is always suited and booted.

Zara has no time for pleasantries, and is a master of sarcasm. Unwilling to be told what to do, the trivialities of working life bore Zara. She has little empathy for people who don't share her approach to life, and certainly won’t indulge rambling patients! Zara’s approach to doctoring consists of problems and solutions; she’s not concerned with anything else.

Zara’s personal life is where things become less black and white. Very much a Daddy’s girl, Zara established a close relationship with her dad after the death of her mother. When her dad was falsely imprisoned Zara used her womanly charms to help him, sinking to desperate measures to secure her dad's release.

Zara chose Daniel to be a permanent part of her life, and despite going through the trauma of IVF together, resulting in the birth of their much longed-for baby Joe, Daniel betrayed her in the worst way.

Zara was last seen whisking Joe away from Daniel, but an explosive return is on the cards.

Elisabeth Dermot Walsh

  • Before landing the role as Zara, Elisabeth has appeared in Midsomer Murders, Holby City, Love Soup, Murphy’s Law, Unfinished Business, My Hero, Poirot and The Commander… busy lady!
  • Zara had to kiss Matt Le Blanc in an audition (she didn't get the part)
  • She worked as an intern for an American Senator in Washington DC when she was 17 (Her favourite TV Show is The West Wing)
  • Elisabeth is an aspiring writer and her ambition is to write a Doctors episode - who knows what adventures she would make her Mill Health Centre colleagues get up to?