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Harvest Rangers

The Harvest Rangers encountered by Madge Arwell were headed up by Droxil, although his command over his two subordinates, Billis and Ven-Garr, could be described as shaky at best!

Fact title Fact data
Also known as:
Droxil, Billis and Ven-Garr
Home Planet:
Androzani Major
Random ‘No!’ Moment:
We first encountered Androzani Major in The Caves of Androzani (1984).
First Appearance:
Most Recent Appearance:

The Rangers are from Androzani Major in the year 5345 and met Madge when they were in the process of 'harvesting' trees for fuel. Although Droxil tries to instil his unit with a sense of hard efficiency - reminding them that they are locked in a military engagement - his companions are more than likely to have sympathy for any civilians they meet and Corporal Ven-Garr even has a little blub about Madge's plight... Well, he does have mother issues... It's all on file!

Please say we can tell the difference between wool and side arms!

The Rangers' equipment is both awe-inspiring and awful. Their Androzani Harvester, for instance, is a mighty machine loaded with wow factor, whilst their scanning devices have trouble detecting weaponry when the subject is wearing wool. In fact, that just about sums up the Harvest Rangers!

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