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Victoria Waterfield was an apparent picture of vulnerability – she would scream loudly when faced with a terrible monster and at first glance anyone would think she was a prim Victorian with no stomach for adventure. Just goes to show that appearances can be misleading…

Fact title Fact data
Also known as:
Vicky; Vic
Home Planet:
In the Pyramids of Mars, the Fourth Doctor mistakes Sarah Jane Smith for Victoria!
First Appearance:
Farewell Appearance:
Key stories:
The Tomb of the Cybermen; The Ice Warriors

Edward Waterfield was a Victorian scientist whose advanced but misguided experiments into time travel attracted the attention of the Daleks. They used his daughter, Victoria, as a hostage to make him work for them, and even took him to their home planet, Skaro. Here, the Doctor defeated his old enemies, but a Dalek opened fire on him and Edward leapt in front of the blast, sacrificing his life for the Time Lords. ‘It’s a good life to save,’ Edward reflected and moments later as he slipped away, the Doctor promised him he would look after Victoria.

If you are 450 years old you need a great deal of sleep!

Her travels with the Doctor got off to a shaky start. After arriving on Telos she was reluctant to explore and had to be coaxed along, but she was clearly quick witted and able to fool the Doctor’s enemies on more than one occasion. She admitted to the Doctor that she missed her father terribly and in a rare move, he spoke about his own family, telling her that he thought about them, but that he had ‘…to really want to, to bring them back in front of my eyes. The rest of the time they sleep in my mind and I forget.’ Victoria seemed to understand and began to throw herself into their exploits with more alacrity.

She was by the Doctor’s side as he fought the Ice Warriors, robot Yeti and the sinister Salamander, gradually growing used to her new lifestyle, without ever fully accepting it. She had a great friend in Jamie who also travelled with the Doctor, and the trio often shared good natured banter and innocent teasing. No wonder, then, that when Victoria decided to remain on Twentieth Century Earth with a kindly couple who offered to take her in, Jamie was devastated.

As they left Victoria behind, the Doctor asked him where he would like to go next and he replied he couldn’t care less. But they were about to visit a wheel in space where they would meet a young woman called Zoe…