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Joe Auckland

Who are you and what do you play in The Horne Section?

Hi, I'm Joe, I play the trumpet and sometimes the banjo. I also sing and dance.

Alex, Ben and I had a bath together many years ago.
Joe Auckland

If you each had a nickname (a bit like the Spice Girls), which ‘Horne’ would you be?

Some of them call me 'The Worm'. 'Worm Horne'?

Do you have a signature move? What is it?

'The worm' (a bit like 'the caterpillar').

How were you recruited for The Horne Section?

Alex, Ben and I had a bath together many years ago.

What did you do before you joined the group?

I danced.

You must have spent a lot of time with the rest of the band. Do any of them have any strange and disturbing habits you could share with us?

Ben Reynolds has a strange anti-habit: he cannot burp, he is completely incapable of burping.

What’s the most divine piece of music your ears have ever encountered?

Charles Ives' 'The Unanswered Question'.

As part of The Horne Section, you must have worked with some pretty excellent comedians – can you tell us about some of those?

David O'Doherty is our most capped performer and has been consistently brilliant. Harry Hill made a one-off appearance and was exceptional - he rewrote 'Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue' to hilarious effect.

Finally, are you seeking world domination and how will you know when you’ve achieved it?

Yes we are. We'll know we've achieved it when I hear our milkman whistling the theme tune to Battleships.

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