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Linda Carter

Fluffy on the outside, but with a rod of steel through her centre, Linda Carter’s going to inject some energy into Walford!

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First appearance:
19th December 2013
46 Albert Square (The Queen Vic)
Pub Landlady

Linda may look pink and fluffy, but under her heavily blow-dried quiff beats the heart of a little fighter. Bubbly and a bit ditzy at times, Linda was a stunner in her youth and although her husband Mick may joke that she’s got a few more miles on the clock these days, she’s certainly still in great nick for her age.

Linda has a critical tongue and will say hurtful things without realising it. But really Linda has a good heart and just wants people to be happy – though usually on her terms. For Linda it’s ‘my way or the high way’ and she has little time for people who don’t do as they’re told– like Shirley and Tina!

Played by Kellie Bright


On set with... Kellie Bright

Kellie Bright talks about playing The Vic's latest landlady, Linda Carter.