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Bright and happy and a very good primary school teacher, Joanna’s life is turned upside down when she meets Alistair and falls head over heels in love.

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Played by:
Jenna Coleman

Like many women, the reality of having a baby is a complete shock to her and she finds herself shattered and miserable and full of regrets that cannot be voiced.

It’s a show that keeps turning on its head. It keeps the mystery taut
Jenna Coleman

Joanna’s mum died when she was 15, leaving her feeling very alone in the world. Kirsty, her best friend from college is the only one who has been a constant in her life. But now motherhood has arrived and their relationship has changed too.

Before long she discovers that Alistair and Joanna's wider family relationships are going to be complex and challenging. Intelligent but fragile, she places all her trust in Alistair. And events take an unexpected turn Joanna feels the full force of media speculation upon her.

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