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Leonard Berry

Urbane, charming, salt of the earth… all adjectives which can be applied to Jill’s friend, Leonard.

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Played by:
Paul Copley
Retired chartered surveyor
Lives in:

Widower Leonard has a degree in civil engineering and now lives in a suburban semi-detached. He has a son, Simon, who lives in Singapore. He’s enjoying the novelty of spending time with such a large family during his visits to Brookfield. In good shape for his age, dapper Leonard wears a jacket and tie because, he says, he wouldn’t know what else to wear.

  • Likes - Architecture, dancing, hot air balloons, chess
  • Dislikes - Conflict
  • Highs - Staying out late with Jill
  • Lows - Trying to pass off a shop-bought watercolour painting as his own

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