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Max Walker

Played by Jamie Davis

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5th October 2013

Max is the department’s charming and cheeky porter - always on-hand with a witty comment or a bad joke. Being a porter fulfils a lot of his needs; a good social life and engagement with lots of different people. Max may appear lazy, but he’s actually got a sharp intelligence that matches that of Dylan’s at times – he just chooses when to use it. Beneath all the charm, however, he’s actually a sensitive soul, and is easily hurt.

Since uni Max has had many jobs, but he doesn’t stick at much for long – it distracts from his real passion, making music. He came to Holby to be closer to his band and got in touch with step-sister Robyn when he needed a place to crash. He’s also a sponge for information, but he just doesn’t know how to harness it all yet; he’s too busy dreaming of having an extraordinary life to engage with his real one.

Max Facts:

  • Max lives in the old student nurses’ house with step-sister Robyn and Jez.
  • Max gained a 2.2 in his BA in Tourism
  • Max is a whizz at chess, and loves comics and playing his guitar.