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Andrew 'Buster' Briggs

Buster is a loveable rogue, with an eye for the ladies and always a story to tell…

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First appearance
20th November 2014
Last appearance
23rd September 2016

Buster is a schemer and chancer, who gets by on his charm and wit. He is fun to be around, but the last person in the world you’d want to rely on.

Buster was Shirley’s first love as they grew up together in Canning Town. He’s forever looking for a way to make a quick buck - anything to avoid an honest, straight life. This has resulted in a fair few scrapes with the law and he’s been in and out of prison for petty crimes all his life.

Shirley and Buster have always had a passionate and tumultuous relationship. Their shared history means that Buster always has a hold over Shirley. And he knows it… But will he ever manage to change his scoundrel ways and finally settle down with Shirley?

Played by Karl Howman