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Chetna was born in India and moved to Mumbai for University, where she became a fashion designer and started her own clothes label. She met her husband whilst they were at college, where he was training to become a doctor. They moved to the UK in 2003 and, although Chetna had travelled a lot before, the transition from the Indian heat to the cold British weather, and the move from one of the most densely populated cities in the world to Kent, was a massive shock.

Chetna used baking as a way of embracing life in the UK and has thrown herself into learning new skills, combining her mum’s traditional recipes and flavours with British bakes when she can. She is a creative yet meticulous baker and channels huge creativity into her baking, as well as painting beautiful murals on her children’s bedroom walls. She loves to bake for family and friends.

Chetna in her own words

When did you get into baking?

I really got into baking after having my kids and it all started by baking their birthday cakes.

Have you got any memories of baking as a child?

My first memories of baking from my childhood are from when I used to bake my birthday cakes with my mother.

What sets you apart from other bakers?

My range of flavours set me apart. I love to combine different flavours to come up with something new and exciting

Why did you apply to be on The Great British Bake Off?

My friends are the main reason I applied for the Bake Off. It was their love for my baking that gave me the confidence to apply.

Have you had any baking disasters?

A cheesecake I baked for a dinner party that turned out to be a complete disaster.

What’s the one thing that you can do better than anyone you know?


What would your autobiography be called?

'My Own Path'

What’s your favourite thing to bake?

Celebration cakes

Who is scarier, Mary or Paul?

Paul, of course

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