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Chloe Godard

Played by Amy Lennox

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29th January 2019
Specialist Trainee 5
I want to keep hold of places and memories that I like. So battered chocolate is a sort of lighthouse, I guess.
Chloe Godard

Quirky, single-minded and confident, Chloe explodes into people’s lives like a lit firework, engaging them in her many, ever changing causes and making them feel like they’ve known her their whole lives. Chloe loves people; from a young age her family would panic that she was lost, only to find her deep in conversation with the postman! Coming from a family of medics, Chloe always knew she was going to be a doctor and it’s one of the only causes that she’s been steadfastly dedicated to. At Uni she’d leave friends waiting for hours, she was so engrossed in the latest assignment or medical journal. Her mum Ange has indulged her, leaving her a little spoilt; her self-belief can intimidate and enrage her colleagues though Chloe is often oblivious to these reactions.