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Anju Roshni

Anju describes her style as modernist urban, retro-chic.

1. Who is your style hero?

Some of the most stylish properties that I’ve seen are during my travels to Sri Lanka. My style hero is one of Asia’s finest architects, Geoffrey Bawa, AKA the godfather of ‘tropical modernism’. I admire his gift for creating modern spaces that perfectly blend amidst their naturally beautiful surroundings. Lime-washed walls, granite floors, open verandahs plus tropical courtyard gardens are all signature features of his design style that I simply adore.

2. If you had an unlimited budget to spend on your home what improvements would you make?

As much as I love my current home, if I had an unlimited budget then I would probably buy a new home altogether. I live in a block of flats in central London and things are pretty cramped. More space plus a garden would be ideal for my family but with regards to my current abode, I would pretty much change everything.

3. Would you have the room you created?

Absolutely. In fact when I first arrived back home having taken part in the program I have to say that my own kitchen seemed rather disappointing in comparison to what I had just created for Dan and Yvonne!

4. What did you learn from taking part in ‘Your Home in Their Hands’?

I would compare taking part in this process as being sent to ‘design boot camp’. The main thing I learnt is that I’m a reliable soldier when it comes to extreme interior design! I’m genuinely proud of the fantastic kitchen that was achieved in such a short space of time. I learnt that it’s possible to successfully deliver a complete design scheme, working purely from plans, alongside a team that I’d never met before and to tight budgets plus deadlines.

5. What is your golden rule when it comes to interior design?

Colour is king and you can never have too much storage.

6. What is your DIY tool that you just can’t live without?

I definitely could not live without my trusted humble tape measure. I realise that it’s not the most exciting of choices but it’s vital to virtually all of my DIY and decorating decisions.

7. What is your biggest DIY achievement?

Aside from this project, my biggest DIY achievement to date is my boutique and salon.

8. If you could design a room in any building in the world, what would you design & why?

My first choice would be the penthouse suite at the Shangri-La Hotel in London’s Shard building. This would be an interior design dream come true, due to its prime location and of course the amazing views. From what I’ve seen, the design scheme that the hotel has opted for is fairly bland. As a London born Asian, I feel that I would be an excellent fit for this specific task. I certainly would reinvigorate things in a much more dynamic and interesting fashion!