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Wrexham’s Seazoo started out as a bedroom project for Camera and Mowbird’s Ben Trow, and Llinos Griffiths.

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Mmbers :
Llinos Griffiths (Keys), Ben Trow (Guitar/Voclas), Dan West (Guitar), Mike Smith (Bass) and Steffan Owens (Drums)

Things built up unexpected momentum when the Sesame-Street-does-Pavement genius of their debut recordings proved irresistible to radio (BBC Radio Wales / Amazing Radio / Steve Lamacq on BBC 6Music). I haven’t played anything on my humble show, in recent times, that has earned such an enthusiastic response from listeners. There’s just something incredibly uplifting and joyful, without getting close to being saccharine, about Seazoo’s music.

Maybe it’s the off kilter, Gorky’s-esque psychedelic undertones, or the notion that you’re witnessing the resurrection of Grandaddy, just in a box bedroom somewhere in Wrexham, that gives ballast to the joyful, dreamy sparkles of their unshakable melodies.

I’m not joking about the melodies being unshakeable.

Approach with caution if you have an allergy to earworms. These ones stick. Fast.

(Written by BBC Radio Wales presenter Adam Walton) 


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