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Celia Sawyer

Read more about the presenter of Your Home In Their Hands.

Celia Sawyer is an International Interior Designer and a highly regarded art, artefacts and collectables dealer. In addition to her successful business, Celia works for charity and in business development while being firmly rooted in family as a mother of two.

Her Interior Design business takes her all over the world where clients can spend millions. But for Your Home in Their Hands, she has stayed firmly rooted in the UK. In the show, she meets homeowners who are at the end of their decorating tether and have reached a stalemate when it comes to moving forward with their homes. Celia sends in designers to help solve the problems. But these are amateur interior designers who have only ever decorated their own homes before. It's going to be tough. Celia says “Anyone who comes on the show and thinks interior design is a walk in the park is going to have a real shock. Interior design isn’t just about painting a wall pretty colours, it’s about listening to your brief and working hard to fulfil it. That’s what I will be looking for.”