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Craig Owens

Craig Owens originally came across as an ordinary bloke who just happened to be sharing his house with the most extraordinary man in the universe

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His son wanted to be known as Stormaggedon, Dark Lord of All.
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But the Doctor uncovers unseen attributes in many of his companions, and during their initial adventure together, Craig demonstrated an uncommon bravery and a heart of gold. He also revealed his love for his friend, Sophie, and they're now an item. They've even got a baby boy called Alfie and a new home, although the Doctor isn't fond of its décor.

Doctor, are you gonna kiss me?
Craig Owens

When Craig faced the Cybermen it was the strength of his feelings for Alfie which saved the day. Craig and his former lodger share a bond which means that whatever happens to the Doctor, there's a frazzled dad in Colchester who will always call the strange, heroic Time Lord his friend.

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