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Niamh Donoghue

Played by Jessica Regan

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1st May 2014
Doctor Associate

Warm, Irish, fun loving, great bedside manner, great social skills Niamh breezed into the Mill in Series 16. She’s from a big family (five brothers) so she’s used to rumbustious family fun with plenty of teasing and humour. Consequently she is always the life and soul of the party – full of the craic.

Niamh is the ultimate people person. She is fun to be around and someone who makes other people feel good. She is full of humour and can be a practical joker. But her jokes are nearly always inclusive and warm-hearted. She is good at seeing below the surface and isn’t taken in by glamour – the Granger/Carmichaels don’t impress her much and she gets on with the likes of Al far better.

Despite this, Niamh hasn’t had much luck in love. Men tend to be a bit threatened by her apparent confidence and she suffers from being a ‘funny’ woman. Niamh is an optimist and this doesn’t get her down too much, but she really would like to meet someone and she has ideas of having her own large family one day.

Niamh is bright but being a doctor doesn’t suit her. She doesn’t have the confidence in her convictions and she’s often paralysed by fear. (She originally intended to be an A and E doctor but she found it terrifying. She couldn’t work under pressure and flunked). Being a GP is her second choice and her tutors steered her that way because of her exceptional people skills but again she’s not good at sifting through the enormous amount she needs to know and she lacks judgement.