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Lily Arwell

Lily is the teenage daughter of Madge and Reg Arwell and Cyril's elder sister.

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Lily mistrusted her brother’s use of long words like astronomy and agriculture.
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She occasionally finds her little brother irritating and remains wary of his long words. But she loves Cyril and when he travels into the forest, even when she learns of the danger ahead, Lily doesn't pause for a moment in her pursuit of him.

I don't understand. Is this place real? Or is it fairyland?

When the Doctor first encountered her, Lily had developed a slightly prickly persona, possibly due to the fact that her father was away at war. But she quickly took to the mysterious man in the bow tie, unable to keep a smile from her face when he unveiled his modifications to their holiday home. And when Madge told her children to stay away from the 'caretaker', Lily was the first to announce, 'I like him!' Clearly, whatever faults she may have, she's a great judge of character!

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