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Melanie Owen

Mel arrived in Walford and was surprised to bump into her dead brother living down the road. Although not as surprised as we were when she married Ian!

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First appearance:
19th October 1998
Last appearance:
12th April 2002

Mel Healy was your typical good girl. A vicar's sister, blonde-haired, pretty and with a taste for bad men.

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Melanie Owen

As a sister of the cloth, she should have known better than get involved with ne'erdowells like Steve Owen, Dan Sullivan and Phil Mitchell (her best friend's man… oh dear). And she certainly shouldn't have married Ian Beale, which can only be attributed to temporary insanity. She wisely dumped him minutes after the wedding, on discovering that he'd lied about his daughter Lucy having cancer, just to snare her.

Though it seemed like the real deal with Steve, she discovered after his death that he had set her up and was responsible for her arrest for drug smuggling charges. She managed to escape the long arm of the law by fleeing to Portugal, pregnant, and leaving Phil to pay her bail bond.

Played by Tamzin Outhwaite