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Dr Lucy Worsley

I was born in Reading and studied Ancient and Modern History at New College, Oxford.

I've got a PhD in art history from the University of Sussex.

...the experience was a bizarre mixture of ghoulishness, horror and fun
Dr Lucy Worsley

My first job after leaving college was at a crazy but wonderful historic house called Milton Manor in Oxfordshire. Here I would give guided tours, occasionally feed the llamas, and look for important pieces of paper that my boss Anthony had lost.

Soon after that I moved to the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, as administrator of the Wind and Watermills Section. Here I helped to organise that celebrated media extravaganza, National Mills Day.

I then worked for English Heritage and Glasgow Museums before becoming Chief Curator at the charity Historic Royal Palaces, which looks after the Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace, in 2003. Yes, this is a brilliant job, but no, you can’t have it. (Bribes have been offered, and refused.)

You might also catch me writing my history books (four so far), slurping cocktails, or making history programmes. I hope you enjoy A Very British Murder as much as we enjoyed making it. Like the 'murder entertainment industry' itself that we explore in the series, the experience was a bizarre mixture of ghoulishness, horror and fun.

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