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The Cybermen were originally human beings, but gradually they replaced their flesh with metal and plastic. In the process they lost their kindness, joy and every other emotion. They are now collaborating with Missy and have invaded Earth! As they swarm out of St. Paul’s Cathedral and across London, we look back on their history with the Doctor…

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Home Planet:
Impassive faced. Steel giants.
Susceptible to electromagnetic bombs and Dalek fire power.
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:

The first Cybermen encountered by the Doctor originated on Mondas, Earth’s twin planet. They were determined to drain our world of its power, unmoved by the fact that millions would die if their scheme succeeded. ‘We are only interested in survival,’ one of them stated. ‘Anything else is of no importance!’ The Doctor and his friends managed to defeat their plan but exhausted by the effort, the Time Lord regenerated for the first time…

The Second Doctor outwitted the Cybermen on many occasions, crossing swords with his old enemies on the Moon, 1960s London, in the ‘Wheel in Space’ and on the planet Telos where he managed to lock them into their icy tombs. More battles followed. The Fourth Doctor defeated the Cybermen when they attempted to destroy Voga and the Fifth Doctor also foiled them, but at great cost as his companion, Adric, was killed in the struggle. When the Sixth Doctor faced them, the confrontation spanned from the sewers of London to alien world of Telos and the Seventh Doctor was on hand to thwart their efforts to wield the dangerously powerful ‘Nemesis statue’.

When the Tenth Doctor visited a parallel world, he found the Cybermen been created again there, by the twisted genius John Lumic. These Cybermen sought to 'delete' all who stood in their way, and could electrocute with their touch. Later, the Eleventh Doctor discovered a subterranean spaceship that had crashed to Earth centuries ago. It contained Cybermen whose ultimate aim was to convert the planet to 'Cyberform'. They were defeated by Craig Owens when his paternal feelings for his son, Alfie, delivered a fatal emotional influx. Or to put it another way, he blew them up with love.

The Cybermen subsequently upgraded and their current ‘version’ looks to be the most awesome yet. Terrifyingly fast, sleek and with the power to repair themselves within moments of injury, these powerful warriors were last seen on Earth, apparently working with Missy…