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Played by Paul Marc Davis

Ruthless, merciless Corakinus is the King of the Shadow Kin – an alien race that inhabits a dark realm, a place underneath the universe that looks down upon them. Fearless warriors, the Shadow Kin believe that they should never have been born in a universe of light, and are hell-bent on extinguishing all light from the world by covering it in shadow.

There is a lifetime of possibilities other than death, maggot.

Invading in secret, they are able to exist as pure shadow, living unnoticed and untouchable in yours – and can only be killed if you are. Occupying a whole planet before you know they're there, they attack at once in their solid form. Because who would ever look for their own shadow?

Having annihilated the entire Rhodian planet, Corakinus brings his army to Earth in search of Charlie – determined to take the coveted Cabinet of Souls for himself, a Rhodian weapon of such great power that it could eliminate their whole species. Prepared to kill anyone who steps in his way, there is one thing that Corakinus doesn’t bargain for: a heroic action from Charlie prevents his friend from being murdered, but results in the Shadow Kin King sharing a heart with April.