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Andy Torbet

Andy is The One Show’s Action and Adventure Presenter!

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What would be the ONE meal you could not live without?
A post-project cup of Earl Grey
What would be the ONE thing you could not live without?
Air. I may be being over practical here but having had some ‘incidents’ underwater cave diving and in the Army I’ve developed a healthy appreciation for breathing.
What would be the ONE thing you would take to a desert island?
A good knife. I carry a knife when diving, climbing, camping, kayaking and even skydiving. It can help save your life.
What ONE surprising fact do you have that our audience should know about you?
I’m a member of MENSA.
As a 9 year old I wanted to be a soldier, frogman, astronaut and explorer and, since it seemed like such a sound plan, have pretty much stuck with this decision my entire life." Andy Torbet

From deep and cave-diving to climbing and mountaineering and from skydiving to kayaking Andy takes us to the unexplored, the inaccessible and the downright dangerous corners of Britain.