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Greg Jessop

Handsome Greg was the perfect boyfriend. The problem was Tanya still had eyes for her imperfect ex-husband, Max.

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First appearance:
1st October 2010
Last appearance:
21st October 2011

´╗┐Handyman Greg seemed to have it all - good looking, good with his hands. He could wire a plug, build a partition wall, and rustle up a romantic meal for two, all in an afternoon. He lived for Tanya and his dream of a settled, quiet life with the kids

What you want is a loft extension.
Greg Jessop

So naturally Max was furious when Tanya brought him to the Square. He tried to undermine him at every turn, but Greg's perfect status seemed unbreakable.

What more could a woman ask? Well, it turned out Tanya didn't do perfect. And it wasn't long before she was back with her philandering ex. When Greg found out she'd been sleeping with Max, he left her, sold the house to Janine, leaving Tanya and the kids homeless.

He later returned to the Square at Lauren's behest, but baulked when Tanya revealed she had cancer. He said all the things you should say, then left and hasn't been heard of since.

In fact, it was Max who returned and saw Tanya through her treatment. Maybe Greg wasn't so perfect after all...

Played by Stefan Booth