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Ruby Spark

Played by Maddy Hill

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14th July 2018

At first glance Ruby has it all – looks, intelligence and even a caring side. The only problem is she’s her own worst enemy. Her self-defence comes in the form of a strong opinion and a focus on detail which can keep others at arm’s length. Break down this wall and you’ll be surprised what’s behind it, the only problem is no one has managed to do it yet.

If you’re in trouble, she’s the person you want at the scene. Her intelligence is always on show and her memory for procedures and drugs is bordering on photographic. She cares about her patients, but lacks the charisma of Iain. Ruby would love to have a laugh and joke, but she’s too self-conscious. If a waiter said “enjoy your meal” and she replied “you too”, Ruby would replay this moment in her mind for the rest of the week. As a result it’s easier to take a step-back and stay out of the social side of life. That way she can’t fail at it. It’s the curse of the perfectionist.

Meet Ruby!

Maddy Hill talks about new paramedic Ruby and JAM!