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Rainie Cross

Rainie's been round the block and back again. Sly, manipulative and ruthless, she spelt trouble with a capital T!

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First appearance:
2nd August 2007

Rainie struggled with everything - family, men and drug addiction. She was a thorn in her sister's side - she would beg, borrow and steal to fuel her heroin addiction.

After a dirty, drunken affair with Phil Mitchell, Rainie cleaned up and found God. But she threatened to go off the rails again when she discovered the details of her father's death - that, dying of cancer, he had begged Tanya to end his life, which she did.

Rainie left Walford in 2011, but not before making peace with Tanya. But now she's back, much to the concern of Ian Beale...

Played by Tanya Franks

Tanya Franks

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