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Madison O’Donnell

Nine-year-old Madison is disturbed by strange nightmares and agonising headaches after her encounter with an unsettling stranger on a beach. Her behaviour sometimes seems less than childlike. When she inexplicably runs away from home, her distraught parents bring in the police who launch a major hunt to locate her. On a journey to Seattle to settle an old score she never knew she had, Madison finds an old guidebook, an envelope of cash and a mysterious key supposed to help her on her journey, although she struggles to remember their significance. Torn between wanting to return home and press on with her mission, Madison’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic, unrecognisable and dangerous.

About Millie Brown

Making her screen debut as a series lead in Intruders, 10 year old Millie Bobby Brown has previously appeared as young Alice in several episodes of the Once Upon A Time In Wonderland series.

Born in Spain, the young British actress taught herself to speak with an American accent by watching the Disney Channel from a young age. A natural mimic with a very impressive memory for dialogue, Brown has an innate ability to do various types of accents.

Her acting career was launched when she travelled to Florida with her entrepreneur father, mother and two siblings in 2013.

After responding to a local advertisement for an acting school, Millie very quickly caught the attention of an agent who strongly suggested that the family should take her to Los Angeles, where her talents were bound to be recognized.

That recommendation proved to be prophetic. As soon as Millie started meeting with Hollywood agents, she was eagerly offered representation by nearly every agent who met her. She sent in an audition tape for Intruders and was offered the role even before meeting the filmmakers in person.