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Dr Saleyha Ahsan

Saleyha is on the front line of medicine, currently working as an A&E doctor in Bangor Hospital, North Wales. She also works as a humanitarian doctor in conflict zones and is passionate about the targeting of healthcare in war.

She’s a former British Army Captain who served in Bosnia, has a Masters degree in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law and works as a freelance filmmaker reporting on stories concerning healthcare in the UK and around the world. Saleyha has reported on the conflict in Syria for Panorama and has written about the state of emergency medicine (A&E) in the NHS for the Guardian newspaper.

In Trust Me I’m a Doctor, Saleyha shares her A&E experience by giving us simple lifesaving tips and revealing the red flag symptoms that can help us spot dangerous medical conditions. She has also investigated whether we can change our gut bacteria for the better, and discovered that cheaper unbranded painkillers can be just as good as expensive branded ones.