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Don Brabbit

Brave and brash, American Colonel Don Brabbit is the soldier in charge of the US Army in Turmezistan and has been observing the impossible pyramid on site, keeping the UN Secretary General updated on its status. "It's a five thousand year old pyramid", he reports to Bill, "But there's one problem with that – one little problem. It wasn't there yesterday."

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What the hell's this – ET?!

Although at first Brabbit is pleased to make peace with the Chinese and Russian generals he has been fighting, he is soon frustrated by the Doctor's speculative plans and scared by the Doomsday Clock's countdown. "I'm not being afraid, I'm being smart" he tells the Doctor, when he suggests consenting to the Monks' request. "It's our planet. Our choice" he argues, and with the support of Xiaolian and Ilya, decides to accept the Monks' help. Although his plan is to live to fight another day, sadly his strategic thinking is what ultimately defeats him, as the Monks kill Brabbit and the other generals for not offering true consent.