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SEWING STYLE: retro-inspired, love of vintage fabrics, often flamboyant

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Retired school photographer

Retired school photographer Jane learnt to sew thanks to her sewing teacher who spotted her talents at secondary school. Jane made a dress for herself for the third year disco and has never looked back. Now she sews almost every day and has so many handmade clothes, her spare bedroom has become a walk in wardrobe. The only area of sewing she is daunted by is tailoring, claiming she “would die” if she was asked to make a suit for someone else. She feels much safer making fancy dress outfits for her grandsons.

Jane married her childhood sweetheart and had her two children at a young age. She was widowed 14 years ago, but now enjoys retirement with the man she describes as her ‘soulmate’. As well as sewing, she also knits, plays netball and is a fan of classic cars – her bright red Morgan is her pride and joy.