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Madge Arwell

A good man once described Madge Arwell as Mother Christmas, but she is much more than that... Life-saving wife, friend to the Doctor in his hour of need and something of a Super-Mum, this kind-hearted heroine is a woman for all seasons.

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Also known as:
Mother Christmas
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Random ‘Yes!’ Moment:
Madge was a terrible driver but blamed bumps on inanimate objects!
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At first glance it's easy to underestimate Madge who seems like an ordinary mother, doting on her husband, Reg, and her two children, Lily and Cyril. She has a habit of taking in 'waifs and strays' and can even come across as slightly dotty.

I’ve found a spaceman in a field…

But when her family is threatened, Madge Arwell reveals a steely determination, pulling a gun on the Harvest Rangers, taking control of their futuristic tripod, braving acid rain and piloting through the time-space vortex with a forest in her head. All that, and when it comes to locks, she's very good with a pin...

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