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Sam Mitchell

Sam always dreamed of the high life - the best clothes, holidays and a rich, trophy husband who adored her. But life didn't work out quite as she'd hoped.

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First appearance:
19th July 1990
Last appearance:
8th July 2016
Former barmaid

The sister of infamous hardnuts, Grant and Phil, Sam was never short of someone to look out for her. Maybe that's why she was always looking for trouble. Whether it was running away to marry teenage sweetheart Ricky Butcher, or fleeing to Brazil to escape sentencing in connection with the murder of Den Watts, she's tested her family's loyalties to the limit.

No one crosses the Mitchells.
Sam Mitchell

Sam's had a string of romances with East End bad boys, including a doomed marriage to gangster Andy Hunter who died leaving her nothing but her engagement ring - so she could sell it and get her roots done.

But there was always one man who was there for her through thick and thin, the ever- dependable Ricky. When Sam discovered that she was pregnant, she lied that the baby was Ricky's and tried to get him back (even though he was with Bianca). The real father was, in fact, Jack Branning. His fiancé, Ronnie, paid Sam to leave Walford. Sam left Walford, with baby Richard, to live in Portugal with Grant.

Sam briefly came back to The Square for the funeral of her mother. When she left to go back home to Portugal she left behind her unwanted son Richard to be looked after by his father, Jack Branning.

Played by Danniella Westbrook