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The Ninth Doctor

A northern accent. Big smile. Bouts of melancholy and mixed with manic excitement and an offbeat sense of humour… The Ninth Doctor was the bruised but brilliant ‘last of the Time Lords’.

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Also known as:
The Oncoming Storm
Home Planet:
Random ‘Yes!’ Moment:
‘Just this once, Rose, everybody lives!’
The Ninth Doctor claimed to be Charles Dickens’ biggest fan.
First Appearance:

The Time War apparently destroyed almost every Time Lord and nearly wiped out the Daleks. The Ninth Doctor was left with the belief that he was partially responsible for that terrible death toll, so it’s no wonder he was a harsh and at times melancholy soul.

Did I mention it also travels in time?
The Doctor

Rose Tyler helped him recover from the Time War and showed him the best of humanity. During his travels with her he could be surprisingly severe, showing no regret when Cassandra apparently died and intent on destroying a Dalek that Rose wanted to save. In the end, however, the shop assistant from the Powell Estate brought out the best of ‘the last of the Time Lords’. During his final adventure with her, he was given a stark choice – was he a killer or a coward? Rejecting the cold, murderous option he felt he had once been forced to take, he now replied ‘Coward. Any day.’ Fantastic!

The Ninth Doctor damaged his own body when he drew out the time vortex from Rose Tyler. This sacrifice proved to be his final act and after a brief farewell, he regenerated…