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Kate Fleming

Played by Vicky McClure.

Kate is AC-12’s undercover specialist. She prides herself on being the consummate professional, unmoved by emotional considerations. In series 4, Kate goes undercover again.

Where do we pick up with Kate this series?

She’s been promoted to the same rank as Steve Arnott and she’s pretty raring to go actually. She’s got a lot to prove and she wants to make sure she makes Hastings proud and we see her ambition and drive are as strong as ever. Her personal life is not ideal but is settled.

Kate and Steve have a continued strain on their relationship but they really look after each other. It’s a bit like a brother and sister relationship.

You’ve played the role for four years, is she easy to slip back in to?

She’s quite a nice easy character to get into, because Kate is so secure and settled in her job which is obviously where we mostly see her.

I love playing Kate, she’s a bright woman. She makes me seem like I know what I’m talking about and I love her determination. I think we’d be mates but she’d scare me a little bit as well, I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of her.

Tell us about DCI Roz Huntley…

From the get-go there is this false trust because she seems like she genuinely cares about the job and that she’s doing all the right things. We’re lulled into a false sense of security with her. She’s got a real strength to her, which puts Kate on the back foot a little bit straight away.

What was it like working with Thandie?

Amazing. She’s such a great actress and such a good laugh, we had a real giggle. She came in and was really just open to wanting to create a great character. She loved the show and was just really passionate about it and that’s all you can ask for when people are coming in as newbies to something that’s returning. We try to make it as welcoming as we could.

Forensics is at the heart of this series, was that interesting to learn about?

It was interesting but it was a real challenge because dialogue wise there were certain things that were completely new to me. I had to ask Jed lots of questions, but forensics makes for very intriguing drama.

Does the fact you’re so close to Adrian and Martin help with the AC-12 scenes, especially the interrogation ones?

We just all get on really, really well and have a genuine friendship. We speak regularly outside of the show and they’re my lifelong friends, so it makes it a lot easier to be at work.

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