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Charlie Thomas

Charlie is bright, determined and passionate...

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Played by:
Felix Scott
Manager for Damara, currently based in Scotland

...passionate about cutting-edge agriculture, that is.

He was employed by Damara Capital to get the very best out of the farming operations that it had taken over. When Damara gained control of Borchester Land in 2014, this shone the spotlight on their contractors: Home Farm.

Charlie isn't afraid to deliver tough messages, as Adam Macy quickly discovered. But he does so with charm.

In January 2016 Charlie was redeployed to another of Damara's estates in Perthshire after problems at Berrow Farm where he worked with Rob Titchener. Charlie was reluctant to depart Ambridge because of his feelings for Adam but Adam told him, despite loving Charlie, he couldn't leave Ian.

  • Likes - Maximising profit

  • Dislikes - Slackness

Family and relationships

Rebecca (Sister) - not girlfriend, as everone assumed at the Hunt Ball

Timeliness, that's the key
Charlie Thomas

Key Relationships

Justin Elliott (Boss) - head of Damara Capital
Adam Macy - (Former supplier) - but Charlie wants Adam in other than business ways...

Felix Scott

Felix is a busy actor, particularly on television. He has credits from Holby City to Wolf Hall and appeared as regular character Jason Doyle in two series of Missing.

He played businessman Philip de Vos in the feature film Inception, with Leonardo DiCaprio.