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Lee Carter

With bundles of energy, sunny Lance Corporal Lee is a loveable rogue... but is that because he’s never had to grow up?

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First Appearance
4th April 2014
5B Albert Square
Call Centre Operative / Occasional Barman

Lee Carter is the eldest of Mick and Linda’s children and has been doted on ever since the day he was born. Gifted with his dad’s patter and his mum’s brass neck, Lee rarely meets someone he can’t charm. As a result of this, Lee’s never had to find out what hard work is - and if he’s being honest, he doesn’t really want to. Lee loves his family, even if sometimes they drive him up the wall.

Lee’s charismatic and a true fighter. Despite their fears over Lee’s safety, Mick and Linda couldn’t be more proud of having a son fighting for Queen and country. The Army has made a man of Lee, but has it also damaged him?

Played by Danny-Boy Hatchard