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Pete Beale

Mummy's boy market-trader Pete Beale started off as such a cheeky chappy, but things started to go rapidly downhill for the porkpie hat wearing sheepskin-coat clad cockney.

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First appearance:
19th February 1985
Last appearance:
13th May 1993 (Died 9th December 1993)
Market trader

Pete's marriage to Kathy hit the rocks after his failure to support her through her rape ordeal. Ex-wife Pat and the uncertain paternity of her sons David and Simon didn't help raise his mood much either...

Alright treacle?
Pete Beale

However, a chance meeting with childhood sweetheart Rose Chapman led to his second marriage and a return to happiness after the wilderness years. That is, until his new gangster in-laws disposed of him in a motorway accident. He didn't live to meet his twin grandchildren, Lucy and Peter – Ian's children.

The fruit and veg stall has been manned by various stallholders and staff since – Mark and Martin Fowler, Ian Beale, Billy Mitchell and Luke to name but a few, but no one will ever match Pete's way with a Cox's Pippin.

Played by Peter Dean