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Ned Despard

An ex-army colonel and Ross and Dwight’s’ ranking officer in American Revolutionary War, Ned was made the governor of British Honduras, where he took a former slave as his wife and tried to implement policies ahead of his time. But when he locked horns with corrupt forces in his posting, Ned was recalled to London and locked away in Coldbath Fields prison, without a fair hearing, leaving him hungry for liberty, vindication and revenge.

Vincent Regan on Ned

"Edward Despard was a fascinating person and his story fits incredibly well into the world of Poldark.

He had a real, poignant story
Vincent Regan

"Playing him was interesting as he is a real person amongst the fictionalised characters in the series and the fact is that he had a real, poignant story and so I felt there was a gravitas to him that was given to me by history.

"Ned’s story is very much about an historical miscarriage of justice and so there felt a real weight to him.

"Debbie Horsfield has taken his story but given a more impetuous quality to him that links him to Ross in a way because Ross is renowned for his impetuous behaviour."

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