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Drahvins are a predominantly female species. Some males exist, but their numbers are kept low as chillingly, the men folk deemed surplus to requirements are killed. Female Drahvins are split into two groups. The largest is an underclass comprising individuals who were artificially created, cultured in test tubes. They're led by another group, the Drahvins' ruling elite who are callous, militaristic and seemingly devoid of compassion.

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Home Planet:
Beautiful, fair-haired female humanoids. Although some males exist the majority of Drahvins are female.
Cloned Drahvins seem incapable of independent thought. The arrogance of their ruling elite makes alliances difficult.
First Appearance:
Galaxy 4
Last Mention:
You must surrender or die!

The First Doctor encountered the Drahvins many years ago when a small band of them had crash-landed on a doomed planet. They were led by the evil Maaga and although a race known as the Rills tried to help them, they responded by trying to steal the Rills' ship and leave them to die.