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Huey Morgan

Hear Huey, Saturdays, 10am-1pm

´╗┐How would you describe yourself?

My name's Huey, I play in a band called the Fun Lovin' Criminals. I'm pretty much everybody's cousin from New York.

What can we expect from two hours in your company?

A little bit of everything. No matter what it's gonna be, it's gonna be cool. I'll take different genres of music, mix them all together.

We're going out on Sunday afternoons so I'm not gonna play any thrash metal to worsen the hangover. If anything, I'll be your hangover helper.

What music are you into right now?

I'm listening to a lot of Latin jazz, which is kind of interesting. Charlie Parker did a song called Latin Jazz and that turned me onto that area. Those guys are all classically trained dudes that go off and do their jazz thing. It's got a good backbeat, you can dance to it.

You grew up in America - what did you listen to back then?

Although I grew up in New York I did have a very Anglophile sense of music. I had a record store in my neighbourhood and the guy who owned it knew I liked all this English stuff, so he'd push different stuff on me like Nick Lowe and Elvis Costello and Sham 69 and of course The Clash, the only band that ever mattered. So I was listening to English music from a very early age.

How did the Fun Lovin' Criminals come together?

We started as two friends meeting at a workplace. You know they have workplace romances? This was a workplace band romance. Fast and I worked in the same nightclub, the Limelight. We became flatmates and then realised that we both liked music and were both musicians. It kind of went on from there and we started making music together.

Eventually someone asked us to play at their birthday party at the Limelight. Someone from EMI Records saw us and offered us a record deal. So we dropped the bus trays and picked up the guitars.

What are you most proud of when it comes to the band?

The fact that we've kept our integrity over the years. We do the music we want and it does skip genres. It's interesting to listen to and it's also interesting to play.

How do you feel about having your own radio show?

When they first asked me I thought it was a put-on. I'm really super flattered because I've always wanted to do a radio show. When I was growing up radio was one of the things that exposed me to the world of music. Being a musician, it's really important to have that kind of touchstone.

How's it feel to be doing your radio presenting debut on 6 Music?

I like 6 Music because it doesn't go genre-specific or Top 40 specific. It just plays good music. I know a lot of the DJs personally - I've been a guest of theirs many times. I kind of know what they're about and what the mindset of the station is and I'm really glad to be part of it.

We hear your mum's pleased!

Yeah, when my mum found out I got a job at the BBC she was very, very pleased. She said "Oh, you finally got a regular job!" I called her and told her I was doing a pilot and she said "you do good, don't curse".

Apparently you want to be in EastEnders?

Yeah, that'd be fun. I just want to be an extra in the Old Vic, sitting there as they're having a big fight or whatever. I want to say "leave it out" but I wouldn't say it with my own accent, it'd be like "leaaaave it aaaaht". Or something like that. I'd work on it.

When I was growing up I watched public television in America and they used to play EastEnders and The Avengers and Doctor Who. When I came over here with the band at first, I knew exactly what was going on on the TV. I'm a big EastEnders fan.

And we've heard you're a Lord?

Yeah, I went online and got myself a lordship. On my credit card it says Lord Hugh Morgan. But you don't have to refer to me as m'lord or anything like that, it's just mainly for dinner reservations and stuff like that.