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Christian Clarke

Christian's a charmer, but has no qualms about telling people exactly what he thinks.

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First appearance:
17th January 2008
Last appearance:
20th February 2015

Christian 'kiss-my-guns' Clarke had the biceps of a god, and an innate inability to live a quiet life. It was no surprise that he was Roxy Mitchell’s best mate, then...

Because I want to.
Christian Clarke
  • Usual Drink: Vodka and tonic
  • Likes: Eating healthy food
  • Dislikes: Being teased
  • Trademark attire: Tight vests
  • Hobbies: Clubbing with Roxy

His put-downs were legendary, but Christian's brash exterior was very much that. The Christian that his friends and family knew was sensitive, generous and fiercely loyal. If you were feeling down, he would take you out for the best night of your life and provide a shoulder to cry on in the taxi home.

Christian fell for Syed in a big way, and eventually won his heart, breaking Amira's in the process. He didn't enjoy it, but all's fair in love and war. And where Syed was involved, it was BIG love.

However, Christian and Syed's relationship was not all smooth sailing, and the pair have had more make ups and break ups than you've had hot dinners! When the pair finally made it down the aisle, they looked set for a happy ending after all... until Christian found out that Syed had been playing away with city boy Danny, and had ran his family buisness into the ground!

But true love prevailed and Chryed decided to leave their mistakes in The Square and departed, hand in hand to embark on a new life in America... let's hope the happy couple stay that way!

John Partridge

  • John originally trained as a dancer at the Royal Ballet School and before joining EastEnders worked largely in theatre.
  • He has performed in a long list of musicals, including CATS, Tommy, Starlight Express, Grease and Miss Saigon.
  • He appeared alongside Elaine Paige in The Drowsy Chaperone at the Novello Theatre.
  • John's favourite sort of music is electro, and he's a big fan of Goldfrapp.
  • His TV appearances include The Hot Shoe Show, documentary Aspects of Dancing, BBC comedy Game On and as a judge on Over the Rainbow talent show.