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Philip Wilson

Philip is determined to climb the greasy pole, but he’s hiding a damning secret.

When we’re reunited with parish clerk Philip, he’s still Vicar Oddie’s lapdog, striving to become a big fish in a small pond.

You can only pretend for so long and then you’re back stuck with yourself.”

However, the arrival of MP Maxine Martin gets him hot beneath the tweed collar: could she be his ticket to a glittering career in Westminster?

Philip is ostensibly a pillar of society and in the past has taken a very public anti-PDS stance.

But behind closed doors, he’s less than squeaky clean. In such a prominent public position, can Philip keep his private life private?

Stephen Thompson

In the Flesh was Stephen’s first major TV role, since series one, he’s also had parts in Casualty, Father Brown and Doctors.