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Baby Queens

Baby Queens are a family affair (two sisters, two cousins and an adopted sister) from Cardiff.

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Cara Elise (Guitar/Vocals), Estelle Ios (Guitar), Monique Bux (Vocals), Ruth Vibes (Vocals/Guitar)and Vanity (Vocals)

Baby Queens have released two E.P’s on Cian Ciaran’s (Super Furry Animals) label Strangetown Records. The E.P’s arrived sounding like nothing else that has come out of Wales previously: mixing hip hop, rock, soul and reggae with vocal hooks as irresistible as anything that’s fallen out of Pharrell Williams’ brain.

For many, including the team at H.Q., the lead track from their debut E.P., the cinematic, slow burn of ‘Red Light’ (imagine Portishead producing T.L.C) was the soundtrack of 2013’s Sŵn Festival.

“These are songs that reflect our love of music of all genres. We wanted to bring any musical differences that might exist and unite them, we think the music speaks for itself, uncompromised, accessible popular music.” says Cara.

Couldn’t have put it better, Cara.

(Written by BBC Radio Wales presenter Adam Walton)

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