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James Bellamy

Most people view James as a spoilt posh boy

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Played by:
Roger May
30 March 1973
Management consultant
Lives in:

James, the only son of Lilian and Ralph Bellamy, has a strong sense of entitlement.

His high opinions of his own abilities have led to grandiose failure as a property developer. He had to be bailed out by Lilian's money. That didn't stop him going on to share his dubious wisdom with the business world, as a management consultant.

News of James and Leonie's unlikely pairing was a surprise to many. The couple live in London with their young son Mungo. Their relationship has been through turbulent times. Can they ride out their latest patch of choppy water?

Had it up to a 110mph on the M1
James Bellamy
  • Likes - Fast cars, the sound of his own voice
  • Dislikes - Too much scrutiny into his affairs
  • Highs - Managing to salvage a property deal with Lilian's money
  • Lows - His treatment of Brenda Tucker

Immediate family

Key relationships

  • Matt Crawford (Foe) - Matt can see right through him
  • Brenda Tucker (Former conquest) - She still resents the way he let her down