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SEWING STYLE: quilt-maker, home furnishings

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North Yorkshire
Sales Manager

Part time fitness instructor Stuart lives in North Yorkshire with his partner Charles. It was moving into his first home that inspired Stuart start sewing and he’s since produced curtains, cushions and quilts.

When Stuart sews he goes into his own world, he stocks up his fridge and locks himself into the house for days at a time to complete his projects. Stuart’s sense of fun is evident in the garments he produces. In preparation for making his quilts researches his projects in depth, studying the history of different techniques and styles. He occasionally writes articles for a craft magazine to share his passion and encourage others to take up quilting, but he admits he’s now ‘run out of beds to make quilts for’.

Stuart is the least experienced dressmaker in the Sewing Bee but he’s not fazed and is a fast learner. When he sews he’s highly organised and super speedy.