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Bianca Butcher

Famed for her big mouth, quick temper and 'unique' sense of style, Bianca Butcher is Walford's original girl next door. She doesn't mince her words and you don’t want to get on her wrong side!

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First appearance:
16th November 1993
Last appearance:
12th September 2014
Market stall holder

Underneath Bianca's strong and fiery exterior, there’s a soft and vulnerable person who’s loyal to the end. You just have to dig beneath a few layers to find it...

Like many of The Square's residents, Bianca has had her fair share of problems, including having her kids taken into care and finding out that boyfriend, Tony, had been abusing Whitney. Not to mention the relationship problems...

After leaving for a fashion course in Manchester, Bianca returned with a new man and his two kids in tow, only to find shortly after that Carol, her mother, had breast cancer.

Played by Patsy Palmer


Bianca Butcher character trail

Fiery Bianca doesn't mince her words. Woe betide you if you get on the wrong side of her.