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Ben "Lofty" Chiltern

Played by Lee Mead

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1st March 2014
Final Appearance:
12th March 2016

From the loft of his Dad’s house, Lofty fell into Robyn and Max’s lives. Quite literally. Always stumbling around, he somehow managed to stumble into a job at Holby where he brightens up the corridors with his big blue eyes and beaming smile. Although he is not the smoothest of talkers, or walkers, his warmth and kindness make him easy to forgive. He’s fond of daydreaming, but his clumsiness and lack of attention can often land him in scrapes.

Lofty had been having fun without responsibilities for a long time, living off his parents’ generous donations and hopping from interest to interest without any real focus or ambition. Eventually, they’d had enough: Mummy and Daddy cut him off, forcing him to find his feet, which he managed to do with a little push from Robyn. Since then we have seen him grow to be a brilliant nurse, who is particularly gifted at dealing with children. The ED is lucky to have such a great team player, full of energy and spark.

Lofty Facts:

  • Lofty got his name after hiding out in the loft of Robyn and Max’s flat, which is owned by his Dad.
  • Lofty values simple manners.
  • Lofty is scared of clowns.

His mates call him Lofty

Ahead of Lofty's debut next week, we take a look at Lee Mead's first few days of filming.