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Tiffany Butcher

Although she looks like butter wouldn't melt, Tiffany is the mischievous one of Bianca's brood.

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First appearance:
1st April 2008
Last appearance:
12th September 2014

Tiffany is the little star of Bianca’s brood. A feisty red-head who, just like her mum, loves attention and knows how to get it.

Tiffany is cute as a button, with a grand eye for mischief. Her heart is in the right place though, and her misdemeanours are generally well-meaning. In fact, sometimes Tiffany seems like the grown-up in the house. Tiff has decided that she wants to be famous, and takes her singing and dancing seriously... while her talent is questionable, she's certainly got the thick skin required to be a star!

Played by Maisie Smith