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Caro Allingham

The only daughter of the family, Caro is a little unhinged.

Series 1

In series 1 there was a sense that the family feel the need to protect Caro from the outside world. She became pregnant by Joe, but was forced to give the child up for adoption. Caro became increasingly distressed and when Wylie, a psychiatrist was brought in by her eldest brother Edmund and her mother Clem to 'cure' her, it seemed that youngest brother George was her only ally.

Series 2

Caro has blossomed and become quite the expert of the decade’s dance and jazz trends. Still a little unhinged and protected by her two brothers, Caro has never forgotten the baby she was forced to give up ten years ago.

Emily Beecham on Caro

"Caro is the middle child of the family but is closest to her brother George who accepts her quirkiness more than the others. She is a little bored in the constraints of being a young lady in the house.

It was interesting to see how much the outfits changed through the shoot
Emily Beecham

"I loved the dresses I wore [in series 1]. I had some beautiful high neck lace dresses. They were quite restrictive and quite reflective of how women were expected to behave. It was interesting to see how much the outfits changed through the shoot. Towards the end the corsets changed which were much comfier. Apparently this was because women started riding bicycles and activities that previously men had done."