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Vassos Alexander

Vassos provides sports news on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, weekdays, 6:30-9:30am

Vassos likes running. And swimming. And cycling. And golf. And football. And all sports, really. Trouble is, he's not that good at them, so he's found a job where he can at least talk about it!

I'm absolutely loving being part of the show ... Hoping one day I may even beat Moira in Head2Headlines!
Vassos Alexander

Vassos was born and bred in London and has been working for the BBC since 2004, most recently on the Breakfast programme on BBC Radio 5 Live, where he's also presented 5 Live Sport.

He's covered everything from the World Cup to Wimbledon, The Open to The Ashes, The Olympic Games to The World Darts. The highlight of his career was probably being in the Bird's Nest stadium in Beijing when Usain Bolt smashed the 100m world record.

When he's allowed to have a go at some sports, it tends not to end well; Vassos once narrowly avoided hitting a tree in a rally car, actually crashed during a race at Silverstone and his cricket average last season was a frankly pathetic 0.5!

Vassos does love running marathons and can often be found puffing up the hill in Richmond Park. His other passions are eating (a lot!), reading, walking the puppy, and exploring new places with his wife, Caroline, and two young children, Emily and Matthew.