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Lucy Duran

Lucy's passion for travel and music started early on - she spent the first two decades of her life living pretty much out of a suitcase while the family lived in Chile, the USA, England and Greece.

Schooling was a little irregular, but music was a constant, and was eclectic and exciting - at home she listened to anything from Bach to Andean music and flamenco.

Her biggest musical influence was from her Spanish father, a pianist and composer who had fought in the Spanish civil war against Franco, and though exiled from Spain and no longer a professional musician, never lost his enthusiasm for music. They had regular sessions around the piano singing his arrangements of songs from Spain and Latin America, and Spanish parties at home would continue late at night dancing to Cuban music, something that has stood Lucy in good stead ever since!

Lucy did her degree in Music at King's College, London University, which she saw as a means to an end - to study non-western music. Greek and Indian music were her first passions. But her direction changed dramatically after she heard a recording of the West African Kora and fell in love with its ethereal sound.